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General Permit Information

Whether you are constructing a residence on your land, relocating a building, renovating an existing building, operating a home-based business, constructing or operating a commercial or industrial operation, or operating an intensive livestock operation, etc., a number of permits and approvals may be required prior to beginning your project.

The first step in your project planning should be to contact the Administration. We can help you determine how your property is zoned, the types of buildings the zoning permits, the required building setback distances from roads and property lines and ensure that your development has access to an all-weather road that meets the RM of Spiritwood road standards

Important Note: A development permit is separate from a building permit. You require an approved development permit in order to secure a building permit.

Applications for a development permit & a building permit may be submitted together.

Development Permits

A development permit acknowledges the use of land or buildings and its compliance with the applicable Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw.  An approved development permit is required before commencing any development or use of land in the RM of Spiritwood, unless exempted by

Section 3.4 – “Development not Requiring a Permit” of the RM of Spiritwood Zoning Bylaw.

Development Permit Categories

The RM of Spiritwood has two development permit categories – permitted uses and discretionary uses. Permitted use applications have a different approval process from discretionary use applications.

Development Permit – Permitted Uses

These uses are permitted within the appropriate Zoning District and do not have major impacts on adjacent land uses. The Development Officers reviews permitted use applications for compliance, not RM Council.  The Development Officer has the ability to approve, approve with conditions or refuse a permitted use application.

Development Permit – Discretionary Uses

These uses are ancillary to the permitted principle use of the land and may have one or more features or potential effects that warrant specific review by a Planning Consultant. Discretionary uses require approval of Council.  A Building Permit may or may not be required for discretionary use development.

Development Permit Decision Time Frames

The timing associated with the notification, review and approval process will depend solely on the completeness and quality of information provided.

Permitted Use Applications – A Development Permit may be issued within 7 -10 business days of receiving a complete application. However, it may take up to six (6) weeks to process a development permit application for a permitted use, depending on the circumstances.

Discretionary Use Applications – Under normal conditions, the recommendation can be presented to Council within 45 days of receiving a completed application.

Building Permits

The most important concept in constructing safe buildings is the understanding that Code Compliance is a shared responsibility.

  • The provincial government adopts codes and standards and administers legislative framework.
  • Municipalities are obligated to administer, regulate, and enforce provincial codes and standards which is achieved through local building bylaws.
  • Licensed Building Officials work on behalf of municipalities to fulfill this obligation.
  • Contractors, builders, designers, and material suppliers work with owners and on the behalf of owners to assure code compliance and deliver safe buildings.
  • Ultimately, building bylaw or not, building officials or not, building permits or not, the owner is responsible for compliance with codes and standards set out by the government.

Building Permits are issued by the RM’s Building Official for compliance with the RM’s Building Bylaw and the National Building Code. Building Officials will need to inspect your project at various stages of completion.

RM of Spiritwood – Building Officials

  • Construction Code Authority (CCA)

Office – 306-386-7777

Website –

  • BuildTech

Office – 306-386-7777

Website –

Please contact one of the building officials above for more information on building requirements & worksheets.

You can use the link below or submit your building permit application online with CCA or BuildTech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subdividing Land

The Ministry of Government Relations is the approving authority for subdividing land. The RM Planning Department reviews subdivision applications for bylaw and policy compliance and makes recommendations to the Ministry.  Applications must include a Plan prepared by a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor.

Rezoning of Land – Zoning Bylaw Amendments

To change the zoning of a property, an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw is required. The RM Planning Department reviews rezoning applications to ensure the requirements of the District Plan and Zoning Bylaw and any other Council policies are met.

If the application complies with all requirements and Council feels it has merit, the application can proceed through the advertising and public hearing process. If the application is denied, it cannot be

appealed. The applicant is responsible for advertising, notification of surrounding land owners and holding a Public Meeting as required by the Planning and Development Act.

Please contact the RM office for further information on subdividing & rezoning.