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Notice of Discretionary Use Single Unit RV Site SW-26-53-13-W3

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Public Notice – Snow Clearing

The RM of Spiritwood snow clearing policy only provides service to municipal roads that give access to an assessed, occupied residential dwelling or permitted commercial operation. Please ensure you have adequate snow clearing equipment or make arrangements for snow clearing services should you require access to lands for the purpose of, but not limited to, feeding livestock, accessing grain storage, accessing feed (bales) etc.

The municipality does provide snow clearing equipment for ratepayers whom sign and submit a custom work form and the custom work rate will apply.  The custom work request to clear snow will be at the discretion of the Foreman or his designate as time allows.

Highway 24 Weight Classification

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways is currently investigating the possibility of changing the weight classification on Highway 24, while also assessing the risk of encouraging over-weight hauling on the 11 kilometre secondary weight segment from Spiritwood north.  At this time, the weight classification for the newly constructed segments will be SECONDARY until the previously mentioned assessment is completed.