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In discharging its responsibilities for the integrity and fairness of the financial statements, management designs and maintains the necessary accounting systems and related controls to provide reasonable assurance that transactions are authorized, assets are safeguarded and financial records are properly maintained to provide reliable information for the preparation of financial statements.

The Council is composed of elected officials who are not employees of the municipality. The Council is responsible for overseeing management in the performance of its financial reporting responsibilities. The Council fulfills these responsibilities by reviewing the financial information prepared by the administration and discussing relevant matters with external auditors.

Audited Financial Statement - 2011 (PDF)
Audited Financial Statement - 2012 (PDF)
Audited Financial Statement - 2013 (PDF)
Audited Financial Statement - 2014 (PDF)
Audited Financial Statement - 2015 (PDF)
Audited Financial Statement - 2016 (PDF)