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The RM of Spiritwood holds regular meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Missions Statement

To have balanced population growth with expanding services, employment and business opportunities.


Assessments for property within the Rural Municipality of Spiritwood No. 496 are prepared by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA).

In a re-valuation year all ratepayers will receive an assessment notice. 2017 is a re-valuation year. 2021 is the next re-valuation year. If it is not a re-valuation year you will only receive a notice if there were changes to the property.
Please read your assessment notice carefully. You can view information regarding your assessment on the SAMA website.
Go to SAMAVIEW & search by text. Search by the assessment ID (alternate number) located on your notice.  You may review the information on your property report directly with an assessor at 1-800-824-2570 (North Battleford) or you may contact the municipal office.

If you have questions about your property assessment, please contact SAMA or the municipal office.

Pest Control

The RM of Spiritwood is a member municipality of District 33 Rat Eradication Board for the eradication of rats and offers rat bait to property owners at no charge. Please help us to keep rats and mice at a minimum within our municipality. If you require the pest control officer to visit your farm site please call Don Heide at 883-2377 or if you need rat bait please stop by the municipal office located at 218 Main Street in the Town of Spiritwood.

Development Permits

The RM wants to remind property owners that a development permit &/or a building permit is required for any & all development within the RM of Spiritwood No. 496. Please contact the municipal office for development & building permit forms or you can download the forms from the forms tab.

Municipal Road Right of Ways

Most municipal roads in the RM have a 66’ right of way. Main Farm Access roads have a 100’ right of way and the primary grids have a 150’ right of way. Please ensure that fence lines are placed outside of these perameters or you may be required to move them. As well please ensure any buildings, graineries etc. are placed 150’ from the centre of the road.